BFV SWBF2 File Dumper

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BFV SWBF2 File Dumper
First you need to install python, versions between 2.7.3-64bit up to 2.7.15-64bit will work, default settings and path installation is fine, after that you need to grab last updated script, I named the .zip 2nd to know which one people are using to avoid confusion in future.!21Qy0Cwa!pooykEnWi5wD_AWSm4GABXLLvwLDkAgqyb49fWqGOYo

After that done right click on:
And click: Edit with IDLE
The IDLE window will open and you'll see a bunch of text in green/red/black/blue/orange
Scroll down a bit and on the following strings:
Change bf1Directory = r"[GameDirectory]" to where your game is installed.
Change targetDirectory = r"[OutDirectory]" to where you want to dump the game (make sure its different HDD to speed things up)

bf1Directory = r"C:\Origin\Battlefield V"
targetDirectory = r"D:\BFV_dump"
And then right under those strings above the following should look like this, all set to True,

dumpEbxEnabled = True # DATA
dumpResEnabled = True
dumpChunksEnabled = True
dumpChunksTocEnabled = True
After making sure you set correct paths and settings, hit F5 on your keyboard, click OK when prompted.
Now another IDLE window will open showing all game assets being dumped in blue strings, just let it run.
Once you will see this >>> as last line means its done, it can take between tens of minutes to even more than an hour, or if you have an old computer half a day, so be prepared regardless.

Now that you have whole game dumped, audio decoding is next.
Now make sure you uninstall that python 64-bit and now grab the 32-bit this time, because the required components do not support 64-bit, and install it same way you did the other one.
Get the BFVdecoder script posted here on previous page: viewtopic.php?p=146185#p146185
And make sure the following are changed accordingly, don't touch anything else, unless you know what your doing of course.

dumpDirectory = r"X:\YOUR PATH GOES HERE"
targetDirectory = r"X:\YOUR PATH GOES HERE"

ealayer3Path = r"X:\YOUR PATH GOES HERE\ealayer3.exe"
As you can see the steps are similar just different scripts, you get the idea.

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