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The Volley Gun is a somewhat rare weapon, occasionally found with ammo at certain parts of the game, or summonable through a Tear. It is used alongside the Barnstormer by Beasts allied with the Founders. It is a grenade launcher with a very high rate of fire, as fast as the player can pull the trigger, making it generally useful for suppressing large groups of weaker enemies with constant explosive damage. The weapon can be first found in Finkton Docks, used by a Founder Beast. If the player doesn't think to take the Volley Gun from the Beast, another can be found inside a locked room in the Worker Induction Center.

The Volley Gun is also capable of stunning enemies, even certain Heavy Hitters such as Beasts and Firemen, allowing the player to continue firing upon a single enemy without them fighting back and essentially stun-locking enemies with more health. The Volley Gun is also surprisingly accurate and versatile, allowing the player to hit enemies at medium range entering close range with considerable precision, preventing enemies from getting too close. The explosive nature of the Volley Gun's projectiles also allows the player to subdue multiple enemies this way, holding back groups of enemies with ease while dealing considerable damage. The Volley Gun's large gravity curve means that it is also very effective at hitting enemies from behind cover, especially when fired from a vantage point.

Nonetheless, ammunition is almost always rare, often forcing the player to buy ammunition from Dollar Bill machines, or rely on Elizabeth scavenging to continue using the gun. Although the Volley Gun has a reasonably large ammunition reserve, it can be depleted quickly if the Volley Gun is fired too rapidly. The damage radius for each grenade is also very small, as explosions that hit near enemies will do little damage and will only stun them, meaning that each grenade must make contact with an enemy to deal its potential damage. This can be very difficult at range when considering the Volley Gun's sharp gravity curve, as shots will most likely not hit beyond mid-range. This is worsened by the Volley Gun's almost useless sights, which lack any aiming point and serve only to zoom the player's view and remove the reticule, which means that using the Volley Gun with Tunnel Vision can be difficult.

Its name and description were first mentioned in the Industrial Revolution puzzle game released to all of those who preordered the game.

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