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The Vox Hail Fire is a version of the Pig Flak that has been modified by the Vox Populi, distinct from the Volley Gun mainly due to the red tape around the weapon, and its slightly different leaf sight. It first appears in Emporia, when Booker enters Port Prosperity.

The Hail Fire is mostly similar to the Volley Gun, but differs mainly in the way the grenade projectile moves and causes damage. While Volley Gun grenades explode on impact with any surface, Hail Fire grenades only explode in normal circumstances when they hit a target, otherwise bouncing off surfaces until a time limit is reached and the grenades self-detonate. This means that Hail Fire grenades are wasted less often, as firing into a group of enemies will generally ensure that the grenade hits one. This means that the Hail Fire can be fired around corners and over cover to hit enemies, allowing the player to cause damage without even looking at an enemy. Hail Fire grenades can also be detonated manually, if the player holds the trigger when firing, as the grenade automatically explodes when the player lets go of the trigger. This means the Hail Fire can be very useful for controlled attacks, detonating only when the player believes maximum damage potential can be realized.

However, ammunition for the Hail Fire is very rare, as is the weapon itself. This means that the player will have to rely even more heavily on Elizabeth and Dollar Bill machines for ammunition, which will deplete quicker as the Hail Fire carries a total of seven fewer rounds than the Volley Gun. The rarity of the weapon thus means that it will usually be used only briefly, discarded for a more common and versatile weapon after large firefights. The Hail Fire also suffers from a useless ironsight and small explosive radius, although the latter can mainly be balanced by controlling when the grenade detonates.

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