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The Carbine is a relatively uncommon weapon, rarely used by enemies, instead being found most often in supply rooms or lying about. The player can find their first Carbine in a locked office in the Welcoming Center of Soldier's Field early in the game, or if lacking Lockpicks, against a banister on the top floor of a building below the entrance to Patriot's Pavilion. It can also be found in the Employees Only section in the Boxer's Rebellion exhibit in the Hall of Heroes. The Carbine is most effective at mid-to-long range, second only to the Sniper Rifle for fighting far away enemies, boasting almost perfect accuracy with each initial shot. The Carbine also has double the magazine capacity of the Sniper Rifle, as well as a rate of fire comparable to the Broadsider, firing almost as fast as the player can pull the trigger. Thus, the Carbine is a much more versatile weapon than the Sniper Rifle, while serving as a more effective close range deterrent in close quarters. If the player is caught off-guard, it is capable of quickly killing most standard enemies with a few bodyshots. The Carbine also sports high damage with each shot, plus a huge critical damage bonus, making it capable of killing most unarmored enemies with a single headshot through most of the game.

However, the Carbine's main faults come from its lack of overall versatility, as the player can empty its magazine alarmingly quick, made worse by its considerably long reload time. This means that the Carbine is relatively inefficient when fighting in close quarters, as the player will need to place headshots to kill enemies quickly when swarmed. It is thus advisable for the player to carry a second weapon to balance the Carbine's shortcomings, such as a Machine Gun or a Shotgun. Ammunition for the Carbine is also relatively scarce, forcing the player to depend on Elizabeth and Dollar Bill machines for its ammunition, as well as a steady aim and Vigor stuns to ensure that all shots are well placed. This can be somewhat difficult with the Carbine's considerable recoil. Thus the Carbine serves relatively poorly in faster paced fights, with its best utility being in longer and slower battles.

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