Surefire M952V Weapon Light 3D model

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Surefire M952v Weapon Light
- 2 x .obj Model ( cap open and closed variants)
- Diffuse ( Tan & Black ) RBG .tga
- Specular ( Tan & Black ) RGBA .tga
- Object Space Normal RGB .tga ( If rebaking tangent normals for a different basis, use the cap open variant model for calculating the new tangents. Otherwise there will be some errors.)
- Tangent Space Normal RGB .tga( xNormal tangent basis )
- Wire RGB .tga
- Ambient Occlusion RGB .tga
Model/Texture - RedRogueXIII ( Michael Cecconet, ), January 2013
Free non-commercial usage is allowed as long as I am properly credited, no need to ask for permission.
Free commercial usage is allowed as long as I am properly credited, but please ask me for permission first.
Free to modify and distribute derivative works.
Special Usage Notes:
There is a wire that connects the open cap to the pressure pad.
It is not modelled or included because it is a simple but dynamic shape that changes based on different configurations and positioning of elements.
Therefore I leave it to you to position light and pressure pad and then create the wiring between them,
it should be a simple task using splines and would not require a complex texture of it's own.
Best of luck, and happy modding.

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ID модели: 9443
Форматы модели: obj
Форматы текстур: tga
Типы текстур: Diffuse MapSpecular MapNormal MapAmbient Occlusion Map
Качество модели: Low-poly


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