Statue Head 03 3D model

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Fasade deco Statue Head 03.

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Pro Автор публикации
Nice that you like my work I am also a huge fan of art deco and try to rip as many artworks as possible. Unfortunately, these were the only wall decorations I have found so far. Often things are simply taken out of the game and I can not guarantee that I'll ever find 01 or 02 but if they want I could just contee in the art at the next time.
27 мая 2019 00:05 0

I'm very interested in these models of Art Deco style statues. I don't know the Fallout New Vegas game, but I've seen some concepts that showed other statues like this one, and I guess that since this is called Statue Head 03, somewhere there are also Statue Head 01, 02 and so on, right? Maybe the original author has already extracted the models?

I tried searching on Google, but I didn't find anything even about sutinoer, the author of the rip. Can you tell me something more about it?

26 мая 2019 18:07 0
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Автор рипа: sutinoer
Из игры: Fallout New Vegas
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