Sectoid 3D model

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Using an infusion of human DNA, the Sectoid has grown into a much more imposing form than when it was first encountered. They are significantly taller than their Enemy Unknown versions, and now have a visible mouth with teeth. They are still fairly thin though, and their chest still glows. Sectoids use wrist-mounted blasters that are similar to the Plasma Pistols of the original Sectoids, but smaller and seemingly designed for use on the arm instead of merely mounted there. The blasters are handled by the Sectoids in a similar fashion to the original Sectoid Commanders, using them as "last-resort" weaponry when psionic chances are too low or impossible. When first spotting XCOM personnel Sectoids will commonly raise the blaster to their mouth and appear to "speak" into it for a few moments before resuming engagement, suggesting that the device may assume a communications role as well. Sectoids have a medium amount of HP, but no armor.

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