Crawler 3D model

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Crawler seems to suffer more, both mentally and physically, than any other type of Splicer. He suffers from insomnia, delusions and many other problems, probably caused by splicing. Because of this, it seems he has sought a myriad of treatments from Sofia Lamb, as he talks about many of them including the more dangerous Electroshock therapy. It could be inferred that he had to undergo hypnotism with her as well; he speaks normally and calmly while under the Hypnotize Plasmid as if talking to her, and he will also follow instructions that Subject Delta hasn’t given to him, implying that he’s been given the same instructions previously. Judging by some of his quotes, Crawler thinks that Delta and other enemies are responsible for the voices inside of his head, and that killing them is the only effective means of putting an end to the torture.

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