Scarlet Summer (Cheerleader) 3D model

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Модель Scarlet из игры S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2.

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Thanks again LostField! plus1 Btw, I saw that you uploaded the textures (in almost all this models) in .jpg format... This doesn't save the alpha channel that is common used for hair transparency. If this is not much, could you upload the textures of your models in another format that uses transparency (like .png or .tga)? thinking_face
And other question, are there more female characters or costumes in the game that could be extracted? If you like, can you send me a PM with the preview pictures of each one? innocent If I can help to you or want something in return let me know. Thanks in advance! smiley
3 мая 2018 13:22 0
Публикаций: 31
Автор модели: Dragonfly GF Co.LTD
Автор рипа: LostField
Из игры: S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2
Лицензия: Personal use only

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ID модели: 11233
Скелет: Да
Форматы модели: maxfbx
Форматы текстур: jpg
Типы текстур: Diffuse MapNormal MapSpecular Map
Качество модели: Low-poly
Скелет: Да


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