Jedi Fallen Order - Second Sister 3D model

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It would be pointless to use TGA instead of PNG. TGA files are much larger than PNG and do support alpha channels. What you did in Maya must have removed the alpha channel. You would experience this same problem even if the textures were in TGA. Here is some information on how to remove alpha channels.
13 декабря 2019 14:20 0
So i managed to open it. Basically saving in PNG causing a problem, because .png can't carry alpha channel and when you open in Photoshop, you will only see the transparent alpha. But I managed to open it with Maya and save it in tga.

@Stym Please use .tga format for textures.
13 декабря 2019 13:17 0
In Blender you can just set the diffuse to a dark grey, and plug the albedo into the emission slot of the principled shader.
13 декабря 2019 04:34 0
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The albedo maps contain an emissive map embedded in the alpha channel. Therefore, in a standard image viewer, these textures may appear to match the background colour of the window. This shouldn't be a problem when using the textures in software such as Blender, Marmoset Toolbag, 3DS Max or Photoshop. If you still need to see the rest of the image, try removing the alpha channel or converting to a format that doesn’t support alpha channels, such as JPG.
13 декабря 2019 00:06 0
There is a problem with color map. Currently it's just white color.
12 декабря 2019 18:05 0
Thanks mate!
Would love the BD-1 model, if possible.
10 декабря 2019 10:10 0
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Из игры: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
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Форматы текстур: png
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Качество модели: Low-poly
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