T-84 Oplat 3D model

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Notice: When you download it, then it belongs to you.

You are not allowed to sell this Model anywhere. It is made for free and not for money.

If you upload it to another website, do not forget to credit me. My Name (Unknown96) is enough.

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Unknown96, Dont worry about them, I ended up ripping them the other day, I hope you havent done them already! I dont want you to waste your time
2 августа 2018 22:32 0
Facepalm... Ok. If someone needs additional textures for this tank, here is my archive, which I uploaded a long time ago, but it was removed at the request of the developers of this game. Inside there is a desert camouflage and solid green color. Also there is a remote machine gun on the model:
2 августа 2018 13:43 0
Users Автор публикации
Yes sure! I can try to upload these.

Yep, I can add all missing parts and re-upload it, may take a little time. I don't have a Steam account yet
1 августа 2018 17:05 0
It would've been better if it had the MG on it, anyways, do you have Steam?

Oh can you also add an MG on it? :D
1 августа 2018 12:30 0
Oh dang, you think you could upload the AH64, Humvee and M60A1 before it shuts down? I always thought those were neat haha
1 августа 2018 05:23 0
Users Автор публикации
I can upload the 3d models in a better quality with better textures, but I don't want to. It's in a bad quality because I didn't spent too much time on it, believe me if I want to I can do better.

When I heard RCF will shut down soon, I don't know why, so I thought I will upload some models of the game on the Internet, and I found p3dm.ru.

You can take a look at my models on Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/5b23969e7ec649e79652bc1a629f45de
31 июля 2018 23:51 0
Nobody gets paid on this site. But people are trying to upload the best that they can get from games.
And then for what did you even start to upload models in obviously worse quality than you can? This is strange. Because that you are uploading can be easily taking from the game itself and much more (but it makes no sense to do this because of very low quality textures - that's why I asked initially about the texture.).
31 июля 2018 17:01 0
Users Автор публикации
I'm not even trying to upload the model with all the things, I'm not getting paid for it, so why would I upload it in a good quality?
31 июля 2018 15:39 0
The author should have more (better quality) and not less.
I've previously taking this model from game by using Ripper program and I have more than you... At the moment.

So until you provide the source texture files (PSD with layers or such (at least a screenshot)) or just more quality textures, you can not be considered an author. That is my opinion.
31 июля 2018 13:05 0
Users Автор публикации
I removed some thing so it won't be 100% the same.
31 июля 2018 12:36 0
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Форматы текстур: tga
Типы текстур: Albedo Map
Качество модели: Low-poly


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