Stridsfordon 9040A (CV 90) 3D model

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"The Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90; Sw. Stridsfordon 90, Strf90) is a family of Swedish tracked combat vehicles designed by FMV, H?gglunds (BAE Systems H?gglunds) and Bofors during the mid-1980s and early 1990s and entered service in Sweden in the mid-90s. The CV90 platform design has continuously evolved in steps from Mk0 to current MkIV with advances in technology and in response to changing battlefield requirements. The Swedish version of the main infantry fighting vehicle is fitted with a turret from Bofors that is equipped with a 40 mm autocannon. Export versions are fitted with BAE Systems H?gglunds E-series turret with 30 mm and 35 mm autocannons. Developed specifically for the Nordic sub-arctic climate, the vehicle has very good mobility in snow and wetlands while carrying and supporting six to eight fully equipped dismount soldiers."


Due to how the game works (top down RTS), the turret is not entirely connected to the model, but this can easily be fixed.

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how about some new armored warfare models
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