North (Nude) 3D model

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actually they (google) cant do shit. the model its self is "technically" copyright infringement but under "Fair use/personal use" nothing can really be done. unless the original owner goes though a ton of legal junk to file a "formal DMCA". given the prolific amount of "game ripped assets" from a plethora of different game developers hosted here for "free distribution" and from other sources they simply do not have the manpower or time to do it also unless the "assets are "sold /profited from " then nothing can be done anyway as long as its "free" to the "nudity" points to sights that display graphic pornography like "pornhub". which nothing is done to nor do you even need membership for it!! nor should you need it a membership especially to access or download from privately held links or to upload them as that is just stupid imho..information should be free and freely accessible by all as censorship and prudish is for the closed minded
6 февраля 2020 09:25 0
Stunning Model! Can’t wait for a nude Chole
23 января 2020 01:16 0
18 января 2020 06:46 0
Извлекаю и заливаю
BUTTHE4D, гугл на такое не ведеться больше
Mariajay2015, yes
18 января 2020 00:49 +1

Моделирую(хайполи и лоуполи), запекаю, делаю ретопологию и текстурирую.
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Pro Автор публикации
I put +18, i think is hide the private parts when dont have account to the site ?
18 января 2020 00:17 0
Close the intimate places. Google can punish a website.grimacing
18 января 2020 00:03 0
Извлекаю и заливаю
Публикаций: 96
Автор модели: Quantic Dream
Автор рипа: hantzgruber
Из игры: Detroit Become Human
Лицензия: Personal use only

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ID модели: 14686
Форматы модели: obj
Форматы текстур: ddspng
Типы текстур: Diffuse MapNormal Map
Качество модели: Low-poly


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