DBH - Gavin Reed (Interior) 3D model

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Gavin Reed from Detroit : become human
This model and textures are the property of Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developed by Quantic Dream

- model rigged
- formats of model: .ascii .mesh
- formats of texture: .png .dds
- contain some unused bones
- original ingame bone's names
- edited original textures
- file contains some original textures

The is model is for XNALARA

Extracted and converted by me

Render done with blender 2.79 cycles
Plz note that the shirt texture is not the same as the render looks like, especially the stripes pattern, which was edited and added in blender.
If there is any bug, please note me, and yes, I'm still looking for someone who can help me do the rigging stuff :D

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Yes,the HDRI texture and roughness texture made his hair looks garyish,but his hair texture i extracted is gary,actuallypersevere .
And sorry,i know nothing about Russian, so i can only reply in Englishcry

Yes, his hair should be brown but the HDRI texture and Roughness texture made his hair grayish.
And sorry,i know nothing about Russian, so i can only reply in Englishdisappointed_relieved
17 марта 2020 05:25 0
Волосы слишком gloss вот и кажется что он седой.
9 марта 2020 07:57 0
Забавно, тут он выглядит седым хотя в игре был просто брюнетом.
6 марта 2020 22:54 0
You never know What is hidden inside the Fables.
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Автор модели: Quantic Dream
Автор рипа: Kanbara
Из игры: Detroit Become Human
Лицензия: Personal use only

Характеристики модели

ID модели: 14937
Скелет: Да
Форматы модели: meshascii
Форматы текстур: ddspng
Типы текстур: Albedo MapSpecular MapRoughness MapNormal MapAmbient Occlusion Map
Качество модели: Low-poly
Скелет: Да


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