Robert (Arms Dealer) 3D model

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Tried fixing the UV's as much as possible so it's not 100% accurate
if something wrong with the UV just drag it and place it better for you're need

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The last of us models are the best!
23 июля 2018 19:58 0
VIP Автор публикации
I hope that i will be making all of the character's
Beacuse the game don't have that many characters
they re-use them in other maps

But yeah i will do that one too grin
15 июня 2018 11:17 0
Hell Yeah, More last of us models are always great. I'm not sure if you do requests but just in case it would be incredibly lovely to get the Fall Joel model in which he is wearing the Red shirt.
15 июня 2018 00:58 0
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